Soak Pits

Credit Value:                        8   Drainlaying Credits Soak Pit

Course Fees:                         $120 +GST

Level:                                     Registration Drainlaying

 Unit Standard Details:          Part 1109


To provide students with the resources and skills to ascertain if site is suitable for a Soak Pit installation, different construction methods and how to size the Soak Pit to contain the stormwater for their site.


This module ’Soak Pits’ will cover the sources of information to refer to when assessing the suitability of a site, a verified method of performing a percolation test, the calculations required to size a Soak Pit for a site and different methods of Soak Pit construction.

 People credited with this module are able to: Gather information from the appropriate source to insert into a formula for a Soak Pit sizing calculation and complete that calculation.

 Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to prove the suitability of a site for a Soak Pit installation, how to complete a percolation test, and size the Soak Pit to cope with the expected rainfall for that site.


The different sources for rainfall intensity data, a verified method of ascertaining the absorption rate of a site. The calculations to size a Soak Pit for different rainfall intensities and absorption rates of a site

Different styles of Soak Pit construction.

 Teaching Learning Methods:

  • Completion by the student of a printed workbook (kept by the student for use as reference at later dates)
  • Visual Presentation to be viewed in conjunction with workbook along with tasks requiring the student reference relevant codes to help ensure the student has knowledge to comply.


Assessment Details:

Online Multiple Choice Assessment of which the result is automatically forwarded to the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.


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