Pexal Pipe for Plumbing & Gas

Credit Value:                        8 Plumbing or Gasfitting CreditsPexal

Course Fees:                         $120 + GST

Level:                                     Registration (gas-fitting and plumbing)


To provide students with the knowledge of how to correctly size and install ‘pexal’ polyethylene pipe


This module ’Pexal Pipe for Gas and Water’ will provide students with the required knowledge of appropriate equipment, industry standards installation requirements and pipe sizing procedure.

People credited with this module are able to: Describe the processes to pipe size an installation for both gas and water, correctly install and join pexal pipe.

 Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to correctly design an installation of pexal pipe for gas or water, be able to calculate the expected expansion of the pipe in an installation and explain the pipe preparation and jointing technique.


The jointing and installation methods including pipe sizing for gas and water installations.

 Teaching Learning Methods:

  • Completion by the student of a printed workbook (kept by the student for use as reference at later dates)
  • Visual Presentation to be viewed in conjunction with workbook along with tasks requiring the student reference relevant codes to help ensure the student has knowledge to comply.

 Assessment Details:

Online Multiple Choice Assessment of which the result is automatically forwarded to the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.

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