On Site Sewage Treatment

 Septic  On Site Sewage Treatment

 Credit Value:                        8   Drainlaying Credits

Course Fees:                         $120 +GST

Level:        Registration Drainlaying

Unit Standard Details:

 Part 1100, Part 1111, Part 23846, Part 1112, Part 21946
• Correctly identify the size of septic tank required for an installation.
• Advise end users how to get the maximum performance from their on-site sewage treatment system.
• Requirement for disposal field construction.


Learning Objectives:

To provide students with the resources and skills to correctly identify the size of septic tank required for an installation, to be able to advise end users on care and maintenance requirements for all parts of the system and to be able to identify features and benefits of different types of system and what special requirements each system may need.


Course Outcome:

 On successful completion of this module students will be able to provide advice to end users regarding different types of septic systems and identify which design will suit the location requirements for any proposed installation site.


Teaching Learning Methods:
• Completion by the student of a printed workbook (kept by the student for use as reference at later dates)
• Visual Presentation to be viewed in conjunction with workbook along with tasks requiring the student reference relevant codes to help ensure the student has knowledge to comply.


Assessment Details:
Online Multiple Choice Assessment of which the result is automatically forwarded to the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.

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