Soaker Flashings for Plumbing

Module Code:                      SF66dertyh

Credit Value:                       6 Plumbing or Gasfitting CPD Points
Course Fees: $90.00 + GST
Level:                                     Registration Plumbing/Gasfitting

Unit Standard Details:        Part 21884, Part 21890






To provide students with resources to be able to identify the need for, design, and install soaker flashings and ensure the integrity of the moisture barrier of buildings.



This module ‘Soaker Flashings’ includes information on meeting the requirements of acceptable solution E2 and requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.


People credited with this module are able to:

Demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand Building Code Clause E2 External Moisture and requirements for the installation of the different sized penetration flashing systems.


Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to identify suitable flashings and the requirements for those installations to comply with the New Zealand Building Code.



Information covering aspects of flashing of different sized penetrations and complying with E2 including support requirements and the impact of wind zones on the design of a soaker flashing.


Teaching Learning Methods:

  • Completion by the student of a printed workbook (kept by the student for use as reference at later dates)
  • Visual Presentation to be viewed in conjunction with workbook along with tasks requiring the student reference relevant codes to help ensure the student has knowledge to comply.


Assessment Details:

Online Moodle based Assessment of which the result is automatically forwarded to the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.


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